Thursday, September 4, 2008

Unanswered Questions for Mr. Suit

I'm not commenting on John McCain's excellent acceptance speech, because I missed key portions of it. In the past week's hubbub, you may have overlooked John Fund's excellent article in last week's WSJ, asking the Obama camp to answer a few questions. I have some of my own as well. (That is Bill Ayers pictured at left, and Tony Rezko at right.)
From Fund's article:
Why is his campaign so secretive and defensive in general about his life's story?
Why are Obama's people harassing Stanley Kurtz for wanting to look at Univ of Illinois records involving Obama's connection with William Ayers?
Where are his appointment records from the Illinois Senate?
My favorites I will quote directly:

Rezko's trial raised a host of questions. Was Mr. Obama able to save $300,000 on the asking price of his house because Rezko's wife paid full price for the adjoining lot? How did Mrs. Rezko make a $125,000 down payment and obtain a $500,000 mortgage when financial records shown at the Rezko trial indicate she had a salary of only $37,000 and assets of $35,000? Records show her husband also had few assets at the time.

BTW, the Obama camp has released a mound of papers with regard to this house purchase, except... the settlement statement, which should show the source of funds for the purchase. KT, you can chime in here if you want.

My questions:
How did you get into Pakistan in college unless you used an Indonesian passport? Why did you not mention this trip in your memoirs?

Why did you really vote against the "Born Alive Infants Protection Act?"

Why can't you admit you were wrong on the surge?

If you are waiting for answers from Team Obama, don't be doing this:


K T Cat said...

All Obama has to do is make finding this information out too hard for the casual reporter and it will be effectively hidden. The MSM will clearly never pursue these questions and when NRO or the WSJ asks them, Suit can sigh and say, "We've dealt with these questions again and again and again. We're just not going to participate in these politics of personal destruction."

As it is, Suit is getting away with absolute nonsense. I don't expect any of this to come up before the election.

K T Cat said...

Off topic - have you seen this?

The article I linked to seems to be right in your wheelhouse.