Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Announcing "The Liberator Today"

I am starting a new blog, "The Liberator Today." It is named after the influential abolitionist newspaper "The Liberator," founded by William Lloyd Garrison, pictured at left. Although he never held public office, his outspoken and articulate rhetoric against slavery was instrumental in that institution's demise.

Hope you come on over and pay a visit.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Congratulations to President Elect Obama

Congratulations to the new President-elect. His team ran a superior campaign. In his gracious acceptance speech, John McCain asked all Americans to work with the new President to help solve our nations problems. I will certainly make my voice heard and continue my day job, which I believe serves our country, in its small way.

Also, Obama will have the respect that comes from occupying the great office to which he has been elected. All Americans owe him this. I also pray that he will make good decisions that benefit the nation as a whole.

On a programming note, I am going to discontinue this blog, perhaps after some election post-mortems. I am starting a new blog and will make an announcement here and on BwD when it is ready to roll.

Meanwhile, the nation should savor this moment of history, when we have elected a black man to the Presidency. We should be proud, even if we disagreed with his positions, that our country has come so far and so fast in repairing race relations. Certainly we are now an example for all the world to see.