Sunday, September 7, 2008

No Hope that HE will Change the Dems

Note the sleeves rolled up a little higher on Mr. Suit, pictured at right, campaigning in Indiana. According to Politico reporter Carrie Brown's article, he looks and sounds like a candidate who realizes time is running out. Well, we here at TILoBO certainly hope so. So here is Obama's biting criticism of Governor Palin:

“I know the governor of Alaska has been, you know, saying she is change,” Obama said at a town hall here. “But when you [have] been taking all these earmarks when it is convenient and then suddenly you are the champion anti-earmark person. That is not change, come on. I mean, words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up.”

We certainly agree, at least with the part that words mean something and that one shouldn't make things up. But our position is that Obama is the one making things up. (BTW, he again appears to be sans teleprompter.) He is The One proposing change and bipartisanship but has never crossed his party leadership and has one of the most liberal voting records in the Senate. Further, his acceptance speech sounded like the standard Kerry, Edwards, Gore populist Dem stump speech... "Americans are doing poorly, only the rich are better off, only more government under my leadership can save the middle class. Blah, blah, blah." Indeed his new stump speech is more of the same, bemoaning how bad everything is. So much for any Hope that He would Change the Democrat party.


Dean said...

At this point, McCain (bitter old white guy) looks like the candidate with the "sunshine on his face".

K T Cat said...

Err, how about the earmarks for Michelle's hospital? You know, the one where she got a 100% raise in pay about the same time he sent them a big piece of pork.

He shoots with a .22. McCain fires back with a .357 magnum.