Monday, September 29, 2008

Reviewing the Bidding

Although Obama paints himself as a moderate who will "heal the nation," a review of his record and statements a pattern of partisanship and positions that most voters would find objectionable.

Denying workers the right to vote on whether they want a union. Fact check here.

Increased taxes. Obama would raise capital gains taxes, even if it meant less revenue for the government, "as a matter of fairness." He has said he would let the Bush tax cuts expire, but push through his plans to cut taxes for those making under $75,000 per year, more class warfare. Obama would increase social security taxes on those making over $250,000, from his web site, which I refuse to link.

Vast expansion of the role of government in health care. Not much debated yet, but Obama proposes bringing Medicare-like system to the uninsured under 65. But Medicare is rampant with fraud, nice recent examples here and here. The annual cost of Medicare fraud is estimated at $10 billion. Fact check here.

Fixed timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. In spite of the surge's admitted success, Obama still says he wouldn't have voted for it. Why, because he says it distracts from the "real war on terror." But for terrorists themselves, Iraq is the central front.

Naivete on foreign policy: Willing to have Presidential meetings with the world's loonies, like Ahmadinejad, without preconditions. Debate discussion at Gateway Pundit. As I commented on that article, Preconditions are necessary for THE PRESIDENT to meet with these rogues. Obama tries to conflate lower level meetings, which need not have preconditions with the presidential one, which must. Lacking this basic understanding of diplomacy, how can he be trusted to lead? Obama's own words on YouTube here.

Instinctive opposition to all restrictions on abortion, extending to survivors of abortion. Plus, I just have to ask this of any supporters of unrestricted abortion rights that might stumble in here. Under what moral code is it justifiable to abort (i.e. kill) a baby at 8 months into the pregnancy while in the womb, but if that same baby were delivered prematurely, it is a crime to kill it after birth?

Just a reminder on the importance of this election.


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Dean said...

With the impending/continuing financial meltdown, raising the capital gains tax would prove just what a dolt Suit really is.