Wednesday, September 17, 2008

McCain and AIG

John McCain missed a great opportunity to distance himself from the Bush administration on the AIG bail out. He had initially said that we cannot allow the taxpayers bail out AIG or anyone else. Later, he appeared to change his mind. By doing so he also missed the opportunity to separate himself from Obama on this issue and show leadership. I am very unhappy. I expect more from this great American, which is one reason I started this blog. I don't think it is a coincidence that he is drifting down in the polls. His initial instincts were good, just like his instincts on nominating Palin. I hope he gets back his mojo soon, because electing the most liberal member of the Senate to the Presidency won't help. If that happens, we can count on an even deeper financial hole for our government.



Anonymous said...

Ok, lets say it doesn't go our way this time. Obama wins, we get the Carter economy, America get a cold hard liberal slap in the face. As a guy who has alway thought America swings like a pendulum do, it won't surprize me. We ended up with a Reagan economy last time.

I think McCain/ Palin have been doing pretty well in the wake of the Bush term,(right or wrong, still a two term president with a sagging economy and some bone head plays on which to capitalize) so I give them credit, win or lose. But until the Palin surge I didn't give the Republicans a prayers chance.

There have been alot of things McCain and Co. haven't capitalized on. But he and his strategists have been on top of things in the news cycle better than most Repubs in th past.

He and Palin did well in Green Bay, but the left are masters of spin. "See, See, no integrety, just lies, he's the one with lobbyists, see see" You know the drill.

I thought McCain/Palin did well today in Greenbay, linking Suit to the scandalous Freddy/Fanny robbers. Palin set him up well, had that "getting it straight, from Mom" talk she does so well.

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Road Dawg said...

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B-Daddy said...

Dawg, great cartoon, thanks for stopping by.

Road Dawg said...

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