Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Obama Bites on the Experience Lure - Updated

I think Obama needs to read more. Yesterday, Anderson Cooper, on his "360 Show," asked Obama (hurricane Gustav was background.)
They’ve in fact said that Governor Palin has more executive experience as mayor of a small town and as governor of a big state like Alaska. What’s your response?

Text here. Mr. Suit was clearly missing his teleprompter. He decided to use his national campaign as the proof he was more experienced than Palin. Woo-hoo! This is such a loser for him, I can't believe he let himself get sucked into this vortex. This is relevant to judgement. How is he going to negotiate when Putin asks "How is Russian annexation of South Ossetia any different than your country's dismemberment of Serbia by splitting off Kosovo?" Also, Hot Air notes that Obama doesn't even manage his own campaign, he has a campaign manager to do that. Obama's response, to give him full credit:

Well, you know, my understanding is, is that Governor Palin's town of Wasilla has, I think, 50 employees. We have got 2,500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million a year. You know, we have a budget of about three times that just for the month. So, I think that our ability to manage large systems and to execute, I think, has been made clear over the last couple of years. And, certainly, in terms of the legislation that I passed just dealing with this issue post-Katrina of how we handle emergency management, the fact that many of my recommendations were adopted and are being put in place as we speak, I think, indicates the degree to which we can provide thekinds of support and good service that the American people expect.

Hot Air also notes that Obama tries to paint Palin as mayor of Wasilla not the Governor that she actually is. Further, legislators always lose to Governors on the management experience argument, so don't go there.

Bill Clinton was much better on this in 1992. Running against a sitting President who had been Veep for eight years, Clinton knew better than to take it head on. Instead he argued that he had the "right kind of experience" to lead change in the country. To be fair, Obama has also used that line, but baffles more. Maybe its that teleprompter thing. When Obama's handlers get him back in the box and school him a little, I expect that he will be using that line in the future. But it is kind of unscripted idiocy (and not a little bit of chicanery, definitely check that link) that makes me so nervous about the guy. Sometimes, the nation needs to chart a new course, but we need a little evidence to take the risk.

H/T Hot Air.

Update #1. Apparently, Drudge thinks this is newsworthy as well, with the following headline and pictures of Palin and Obama:


You go Barry!

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Dean said...

B-Daddy, Suit's non-recognition of the fact that Palin is, in fact, the sitting governor of Alaska is either the result of condesencion or tacit acknowlegement that she does indeed have more executive level experience than him.

Either way, he came across poorly.