Monday, September 29, 2008

All Hail Obama For Your Intervention in Passing the Bail Out Bill

I thought I would write about His Oneness' role in helping Nancy Pelosi get the $700 billion bail out bill passed earlier today.

Speaking in Colorado, picture at left, he is telling people to stay calm.

And that's a wrap.

On a side note, is he looking angrier and angrier, everyday? Seems like the better his poll numbers the more partisan he sounds and the angrier he looks.

I think McCain wasted a great opportunity to present a principled alternative approach. Too bad. Dick Morris agrees with me, or maybe the other way around.



Anonymous said...

If these guys had the handle on the pulse of America this would be easy, but apparently they dont.

Youtube, Rush, Oreilly, even Hannity put out better talking points than the candidate. Look at the you tube video in the previous BwD post. Edit it to 30 seconds and play over and over. What is wrong with these people?


K T Cat said...

The problem is that they're advised too much. I think Sarah Palin's recent clumsiness is a great example of this. She looks like she's translating from a different language every time she talks. She didn't always do that, you know ...