Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama 3:16 Video Embed Fixed

Dean here checking in from BwD. Just a head’s up to all you independants, undecideds and even some of you McCain hold-outs clinging to your shrinking electoral chances out there. Instead of "trick or treaters" at Halloween you’re getting this. And when Obama wins and they find out you didn’t believe, they’ll be back for Christmas, er, Holiday caroling.

It’s like Up With People meets Children of the Damned…. only more disturbing. These indoctrinated skulls full of mush will be footin’ the bill for all the non-sense that has been accumulating for years now so we hope they really do enjoy their multi-cultrual tableau campfire sing-a-long.

He’s gonna change it, he’s gonna rearrange it. She’s got B. Hussein Obama eyes.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, they've taken down the Obama Youth video a couple of times now in the past 24 hours responding to complaints from viewers of ruptured eardrums and bleeding eyes. Seriously, I'll try to have it back up but in the mean time, here is a video from some mysterious land overseas from which Obama Youth copied the template.

UPDATE 2: B-Daddy reposted youtube embed, should work now.



Anonymous said...

wouldnt work

Anonymous said...

Wow, pretty weird, sick stuff. It felt like Hitler youth meets it's a small world.