Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Depression on the Left - Updated

Sarah Palin seemed to have a hit a home run with her acceptance speech at tonight's Republican convention, or did she? After watching the speech on Fox, and listening to a little commentary, I switched channels to MSNBC. I could hardly believe I had watched the same speech. The talking heads with Chris Matthews were going on about what a terrible negative, unconvincing speech it was. But when they switched to Andrea Mitchell interviewing an ebullient Rudy Giuliani on the convention floor, it all came into focus for me. Andrea, seemed drunk or very depressed. I called for my teenage son to look and he immediately asked, "What's HER problem?"

I think I know, John McCain's VP pick is a game changer. Now that she has spoken directly to the American people, all of their spin can't remove the impression of what a remarkable lady she is.

Some great lines about Obama from the speech:
"He's found the time to write two memoirs but not any major piece of legislation or reform."
"We tend to not like candidates who don't talk to us one to our faces in Scranton, and another way in San Francisco."
And a decent joke delivered well:
"What's the difference between a hockey mom and pit bull?" "Lipstick."

KT from the Scratching Post has provided me the link the video, embedded below. Judge for yourself.


Dean said...

"Drunk", "Depressed"...? As Pops always used to say, "Beauty is only skin-deep but "ugly" goes right to the bone".

I go back to my original take on the Dem's impression of the woman: They don't know what to do with her... Smart, independant, attractive and tough as nails. What else can they do but smear?

I'm as energized as much by her, alone, as I am by how despised she is by the Left.

Joke'em, Joke'em, Joke'em!!!

K T Cat said...

Here's the link to the video of Andrea Mitchell. Watch it to the end. She looks terrible.

Dean said...

She's bombed out of her skull! And the best part is... Rudy knew it!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you could tell. And definately not having a good time, kind of "goin thru the motions"