Monday, September 8, 2008

Standing Up for Community Organizers

Those of you who follow Iowahawk know that David Burge is also running for President. Unlike Obama, he is capable of delivering a smack down to Sarah Palin over her community organizer comments. Just to give Obama his due (second time today for me) I have plagiarized Burge's description of the duties of community organizers.
    • reach out and work with communities in various ways.
    • liaison with, and for, community agencies for service within affected areas.
    • fight to make a difference.
    • raise awareness.
    • deal with community issues.
    • raise awareness in the community of how we are making differences about undealt-with issues .
    • when necessary, refer inquiries to outreach coordinators.
    • Help coordination agency administrators identify and address outreach opportunities.
    • model timetables and conceptualize benchmarks.
    • issue guidelines for poster contests and interpretive dance festivals.
    • Gather voter registrations, win valuable prizes.
Are we clear now?

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