Wednesday, August 20, 2008

That God would be so good to us.

Dean here. Oh goody… a new toy. Want to thank B-Daddy for allowing me to help(?)-out here at TILoBO.

Conjecture is running rampant as to whom M.T. Suit’s Veep pick will be. The unveiling of said pick is reportedly to be made at a campaign rally in Illinois this Saturday. The Hillary talk just won’t go away but at this point, talk is all it is… and it ain’t happening.

Making a late surge is Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. Seriously, we're not kidding. We fervently wish for Suit to make Biden his choice because nothing says reaching out and broadening your appeal like a moderately liberal Senator from a small east coast blue state that looks on the map to be a administrative afterthought to some of Maryland's less desirable water-front property and who is still best known, for better or worse, in the public’s mind for a plagiarism scandal that scuttled his bid for the Presidency back in ’88 when he was one of the Democratic field’s Seven Dwarves. Make it happen, Suit!

Exit question: How many of the Dwarves can you name without Wiki?

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Road Dawg said...

"The Incredible Lightness of Being... Obama" I was clueless this was the name of the blog, sorry....

There are so many people to overshadow Obama, he really needs to be careful to pull somebody weak.

Hillary played her cards wrong in the beginning, but as the Sage of San Diego said, "they're back!"