Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How Did He, That is Himself, Slip in Here?

So, now He goes and does it. By most reports, and in reading the text, Bill Clinton delivered a masterful liberal speech today. I did not agree with much of it, but that's not the point. Clinton was on his game and the crowd and even the lefties in the blogosphere were eating it up. (He also delivered the kind of speech that Obama needs to deliver but probably won't.) So where was this guy when Hillary really needed him, other than stirring up trouble, brooding over slights and injecting race into the campaign, that is? Now... he looks like quite the elder statesman. Which just goes to show you, it's always about Bill. The only electoral prediction I ever got right was that he would sabotage his wife's campaign. Now that it's official, he can get back to making himself look good. Here's to you Bill Clinton, who better?

I confess to a love-hate relationship with Bill Clinton. Even though he came to power promising liberal outcomes, he had the good sense and pragmatism to sign NAFTA, greatly benefiting the American industry; welfare reform, which greatly reduced the welfare roles and some balanced budgets, which were good for the economy. These were very conservative outcomes. But of course, he was always and intensely self-absorbed which led to his lying under oath. Giving Clinton credit like this drives my family and friends nuts, so let your comments rip.

UPDATE #1: Even Peggy Noonan, whom I greatly admire, was impressed with Clinton's speech. She makes the curious comment that Bill did something no one else has, not even Obama himself, he made the case for Obama.

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