Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama, Rock Star and More?

According to ABC News, Obama plans to make his acceptance speech will be made on a stage that will resemble a miniature Greek temple. There will be a whole stage raising thing with Obama coming up at the 50 yard line in typical rock concert fashion. Later, a fiery goat's skull will descend as Obama gets in some mean licks on his stratocaster (ok, I made that part up.)

The whole cult following thing is starting to grate. When will this guy live up to his hype. Name one thing he has done or one policy he has proposed that would bring people together as he claims. BTW, he can't seem to bring much unity even to the Dems, at least so far. Read Maureen Dowd's article here, but I love this quote:

But this Democratic convention has a vibe so weird and jittery, so at odds with the early thrilling, fairy dust feel of the Obama revolution, that I had to consult with Mike Murphy, the peppery Republican strategist and former McCain guru.

“What is that feeling in the air?” I asked him.

“Submerged hate,” he promptly replied.

Ah, yes, now I recognize that sulfurous aroma.

Back on the rock star/messiah thing, Road Dawg linked me up with the following:

If you can't watch the whole thing, the money quote is at the end from G.K. Chesterton:
"When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing -- they believe in anything."
H/T: Road Dawg and Drudge

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K T Cat said...

That stratocaster bit was hilarious!