Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to My Little Blog

Mr. M.T. Suit, pictured at left, and his surrogates have let it be known that using his middle name, calling out his lack of experience, comparing him to empty headed celebrities, etc. will get you accused of the most heinous crime in America today, racism.

His inability to deal with criticism and taking the low road with regards to race prompted me to start this little blog. Hopefully, Obama will keep saying things that are revealing of his character, providing fodder for this blog.

My prediction for Obama quote that will turn out to be a big whopper has to do with Bill Ayers, an unrepentant 1960s radical, with whom Obama has had professional and personal association, however, Obama has said Ayers was just a "guy who lives in my neighborhood." H/T No Quarter


Dean said...

B-Daddy, Awesome! Welcome to the blogosphere... in a manner of speaking, of course.

Road Dawg said...

B-Daddy, are you kidding? "Welcome to my little Blog?" Not "Posting my Nuclear Madness" or "The San Diego Sage"?

For a pencil pushing, pointy headed, intelectual administrator, I expected more from you!

I love you, and will be following your blog when I can. In many ways you are my hero and Libertarin mentor, so I wish you all the best! I expect to be using dictionary.com on overtime now!

Go BigDawgDaddy Go!