Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cheatin' Update

Apparently, the RNC has been reading the blogs. Story here in the Washington Post that a lawyer for the RNC will be filing a complaint with the FEC that Team Barry hasn't been weeding out suspicious donations, including possibly illegal foreign ones. Newseek has picked up on Mr. Good Will in an article titled, "Good Will Hunting." Very clever title indeed. And even Reuters has picked up the story, although in typical liberal context, their headline adds, "GOP says." But hey, at least this is getting some play.

I think that Obama is ethically challenged. His campaign never responds fully to inquiries when a half-truth or obfuscation will do. (Small example, when asked about articles he might have authored for the Harvard Law Review, Team Barry responded that as editor, Obama did not author columns. Turns out he had indeed written for the Review, before he became editor. Why the obfuscation?) It is not surprising that this has happenned.

My bold prediction, Team Barry will find one or two of McCain's donations that are suspect (unlike the thousands of Obama's that are suspect) and declare some sort of moral equivalence.


1 comment:

Dean said...

So in addition to not authoring any legislation he has not authored any articles either.

Isn't that kind of an accomplishment in itself?